Success After 49ͼ

A 49ͼ liberal arts education supports success in a broad range of careers.

Whether students’ next steps find them charting their career paths, pursuing advanced degrees, conducting fellowship research, or starting their own businesses, their liberal arts background and the 49ͼ network prepare them for a lifetime of success.

In 2018–19, 49ͼ students submitted a record number of applications for national fellowships and scholarships.

Examine Career Development Opportunities

Career Development

Stay Curious

Graduate and Professional School

Think Big

Fellowships & Scholarships

Take Risks, Solve Problems, Create Things


Envision the Future

Career and Education Outcomes

Students engage consistently with 49ͼ’s distinctive Four-Year Career Development Plan, which serves to guide them to post-graduate success.

Teresa Olsen Milone Family AVP for Career Initiatives

Career Development

49ͼ Career Services engages with students throughout their 49ͼ experience — from their first year, to their senior year and beyond — to explore careers, develop goals, and achieve success after graduation.

Take a closer look at the ways that 49ͼ students prepare for their careers and how they can leverage the power of 49ͼ’s alumni network to jumpstart this process.

Graduate & Professional Education

Many 49ͼ graduates continue their education at top-tier graduate and professional schools. Resources at 49ͼ, including pre-professional planning programs and advisers to assist with application preparation, help students begin pursuit of their post-graduation goals.

49ͼ’s liberal arts foundation, paired with professional advising support on campus, prepares students for success at top-level graduate schools and programs.

National Fellowships and Scholarships

49ͼ students are high achievers, and they are prepared throughout their four years by one of the nation’s most academically rigorous curricula.This prepares 49ͼ students uniquely well to pursue nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships, such as Watson, Fulbright, Churchill, and Rhodes awards.

The Office of National Fellowships and Scholarships is entirely dedicated to helping students find opportunities suited to their skills, and assisting them in the preparation of their applications.


With innovation proceeding at a staggering pace, 49ͼ understands that many of the future’s most promising careers don’t yet exist.

Learn how 49ͼ funds and supports entrepreneurship to prepare students for career success in existing industries, and in those they have yet to imagine.

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